Anmeldung in Munich

If you want to move to Germany and stay longer than three months, your new residence address needs to be registered within two weeks (or at least obtain an appointment in the Registration Office/Bürgeramt). This administration process is called Anmeldung

Why do you need to do the Anmeldung?

In Germany, it is mandatory to have an address registered. This is regulated by the legislation. Bundesmeldegesetz (BMG) §17, paragraph 1.

In addition, having an address registered will be useful for more purposes, such as:

–       Working

–       Opening a bank account

–       Getting a German health insurance

–       Enrolling at the University

–       Getting a mobile phone contract

Where do you have to do it?

In Munich you need to register your address at the “Kresverwaltungsreferat” (KVR). There are six different registration offices in the city. It is suggested by the City of Munich official website to go to the closest KVR, even if there are others available.

Find your KVR here

What do you need to bring for the Anmeldung?

–       A valid passport or identification card. If someone is going on your behalf, then the person needs to present a letter of authorization together with their passport or identity card

–       If you obtained a VISA for entering to the country, don’t forget it

–       A written and signed confirmation by your landlord or the owner of the property. This is called “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung”

–       The registration form filled out and signed in German

–       The rental agreement is not always necessary, but bring a copy just in case

–       If you have family, remember to bring the Marriage and birth certificates (both documents translated in German)

–       Additionally, if you do not want your personal information to be shared with other public institutions, then you need to present a “Restricting Information Disclosure”

Munich Check- List

Disclaimer: Even if we try to be the most accurate and precise with the information that we provide, we advise you to contact a professional on the topic.

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  1. Hi I’m going in munich for study in language school for 3 months do I need a abmeldung ( regestered) address. I’m coming from Italy without visa .Plz guide

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