AiRelo Timeline – Soon in more interfaces

AiRelo, Smart City Registration, your assistant who helps you with the registration in New York, Munich, and Berlin. But how did it all begin? And what are the new developments for AiRelo in the future? Our blog posts are usually about useful tips and interesting facts, but now we are going to tell you our story.  Carry on reading to find out everything about our history and about the future. About new partners, interfaces and visions for the future.

Our story started on 2nd November in 2017. GLOBALS launched their Al chatbot, AiRelo. The AI assistant was designed to make registering in a new city quick and easy, as users hardly need to lift a finger. AiRelo does most of the work for you – anytime, anywhere, and in multiple languages.

No apps, no downloads, and no signups, just chat with AiRelo. Select your language, your city, and save time by taking a picture of your passport to autocomplete. Alternatively, answer some simple questions to get the city registration form filled out and validated in the local language, followed by next steps’ instructions.

The idea was born when GLOBALS co-founder Mario Paladini struggled to register his new address in Berlin. “You only have to look at the official Munich city registration website to see the problem we are tackling”, said Paladini. “The website states ‘Our Residence Registration Offices are currently facing huge queues, ongoing IT-problems, and staff shortages’. But with AiRelo, there’s no need to waste time filling out a form. Everything is quick and easy.”

With five of the seven billion people changing their address at least once in their lifetime – and often several times – GLOBALS estimates there to be 500 million annual registrations around the globe, with each taking an average of six hours to complete. Assuming a value of just $5 per hour, this is $15 billion wasted per year. With this, AiRelo could potentially save 3 billion wasted hours and $150 billion in 10 years. Even more, these figures are likely to increase with the growing frequency of global migration.

A service like AiRelo is crucial due to the huge number of expats in the world. AiRelo is based in Berlin where there are hundreds of tech startups and thousands of international expats, thus the perfect location for us. Berlin offers a lot of users, investors, and opportunities to grow, which reflects our goals for the future. Moreover, we aim to grow, develop further and continuously help more and more people, to make international life easier on a whole.

Since 2017 AiRelo has already made huge progress. During the past months, AiRelo has formed partnerships with various organizations and institutions, including universities, insurance companies and international companies. For example, once you’ve completed the form via the chatbot, you can ask for ‘ health’  or ‘ insurance’ and it will provide you with information about our partner service providers such as BARMER. By collaborating with companies that provide services for new citizens in Berlin, we are continuously adding value to our service as well as making life easier for international expats.

AiRelo webbotttt interfaces

AiRelo is also expanding to more interfaces in the future. For now, we are available on Facebook Messenger and our website, In the future, it will be possible to use AiRelo in different ways. In our new office, we have a humanoid bot, which we programmed to act like AiRelo, as it can ask the questions and give information provided by the AiRelo bot. The web bot is an even more exciting project, as this allows the user to use the service without the Facebook Messenger app. In general, the main focus of the future is to get more interfaces. The tech future is here and we are going to grow with it!

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