How To Use AiRelo

AiRelo is a super easy tool to use but to make life even easier for you, we’ve put together a short guide including a video tutorial on how to use the bot!


  1. Go to AiRelo.Me
  2. Click the “Message Us” button
  3. You will now be redirected to your Facebook Messenger Inbox
  4. The conversation with AiRelo will automatically appear
  5. Start the conversation by clicking “Get Started”
  6. Simply start chatting by answering AiRelo’s questions
  7. After a few minutes, AiRelo will ask for your email address once you’ve answered all the questions
  8. Input your email address and wait for AiRelo’s message telling you to check your email inbox!
  9. Find your completed form in your email inbox and print it out
  10. Head to your Bürgeramt appointment to hand in the form
  11. DONE!

About AiRelo

AiRelo is a multi-language chatbot, which guides the user to complete the form to register in the city of Berlin. In a few minutes, the procedure is completed, and the user receives an email with the documents filled out in German.

Thanks to this tool, newcomers in a city save time and effort as AiRelo prepares the registration form for them.

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