Where to Stay in Berlin?

There are many neighborhoods in Berlin to live. If you are looking for an apartment in Berlin and could not decide where to live in, we believe this article will be beneficial to decide where to move.

If you are looking for an apartment as a family, Prenzlauer Berg is one of the best neighborhoods for your family. There are many restaurants offering various cuisine, good shopping areas, and parks in this neighborhood.

If you are a student, we suggest you move to Friedrichshain. The rents in this neighborhood are less than many neighborhoods. There are many bars and clubs for people who love to go out.

The best place to live and work in Berlin is Mitte. Many companies are located in this neighborhood. Even though the rents in Mitte is expensive, the flats are usually modern and new. There are also many bars and clubs in this neighborhood and it is the best place for networking.

The best place for Berlin to stay as a tourist is also Mitte. Many tourist sights are located here. Moreover, the best hotels in the city are definitely in Mitte. From my perspective, I also suggest you move to Mitte. It is the city center of Berlin and the most important touristic areas, and the best cafes and restaurants are also located here. I love the atmosphere of Mitte like many Berliners! 🙂