How To Book an Appointment at the Bürgeramt

How To Book an Appointment at the Bürgeramt (city hall/ citizens’ office)

To register you need to go to the Bürgeramt, which is the equivalent of the city hall, but there is one for every district of Berlin.

Booking an online appointment is the best way to save time during the registration process. It is not mandatory to go to the Bürgeramt of your district, you can choose the most convenient for you.

Here is the link to make an appointment, “Termin” in German.

Unfortunately the webpage doesn’t have an official english version, but if using google chrome you can select the option in the top right hand corner to ‘Translate this page’ to make the whole process more clear.

Step-By-Step: How to book the Anmeldung appointment

  1. Click this link, which will open a new window with the page called “Terminvereinbarung” (appointment) on the official page.
  2. On this page you will see the next two calendar months displayed, in which you must select one of the dates marked in blue. (The blue represents dates where appointments are still available, and the red colour shows the dates that are already fully booked).
  3. Once you have spotted an available date, simply click it to see the time and location of the appointment.
  4. Select your desired appointment, by clicking it and filling out the required information (full name, email address, contact number).
  5. Once you’ve completed the required fields, simply click “Termin eintragen” (book appointment).
  6. You will now receive your booking confirmation by email. Look out for an email with the subject “Terminbestaetigung”.
  7. It is advised to print out a copy of this email or at least to note down your Vorgangsnummer (your transaction number)
  8. Your ‘Vorgangsnummer’ will be shown on the screen in the waiting room when it’s your turn so do remember it to avoid missing your appointment!
  9. Now that you’ve successfully booked your appointment, you must remember to bring the necessary documents with you on the day – check out our blog post about all the useful Anmeldung information including the appointment check-list.
  10. DONE!


  • You can cancel your appointment. It is better to have an appointment, even far in time, and change it afterwards if a closer date becomes available, than to be waiting the whole time to find a free convenient spot.
  • Every day there are people cancelling their appointments, and you can take advantage of it, but you need to be refreshing the page at 8am and be fast. The closest appointments get booked up almost immediately.
  • If you are in a hurry to have the Anmeldung, in some offices you can go without an appointment when they first open. Therefore, each Bürgeramt works independently of each other, so make sure the one you have chosen, offers this option. Be aware however, that the waiting time for walk-in appointments can be several hours long.

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